Powered-two wheelers: the smart choice for urban mobility. ACEM's brochure is available for download
01 Feb 2012
Europe’s cities are main engines of economic growth, but today’s urbanisation trends are generating increased congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, noise, waste of energy and avoidable associated costs. Quality of life and prosperity in European…
ACEM position on the Europan Commission Green paper on urban transport
01 Mar 2008
ACEM welcomes the European Commission's Green paper on urban transport. As an association representing the major powered-two and powered-three wheeler manufacturers in Europe, ACEM believes that it is in a privileged position to participate constructively…
Smart wheels on city streets. The ACEM brochure on the role of PTWs in transport policy
01 Oct 2004
Mobility plays a vital role in the economic strength and growth of all modern societies. With its great maneuverability, fuel efficiency, lightness and compact size the motorcycle is the right answer to cities' congestion problem.…

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