Job opening - ACEM is currently looking to expand its team with a new technical officer
15 Nov 2018
ACEM, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, is the trade association that represents manufacturers of…
Honda Safety Institute receives the European Motorcycle Training Quality Label award
14 Nov 2018
Today the “advanced motorcycling course” of the Honda Safety Institute in Barcelona, received the European…
Motorcycle registrations in the EU up by 8.2% during the first nine months of 2018
29 Oct 2018
Registrations of motorcycles in the EU reached 830,694 units during the first 9 months of…
Industry position paper regarding the Waste Framework Directive Database
24 Oct 2018
The Circular Economy (CE) strategy and its related measures, such as the recent European Commission…
ACEM is currently looking for a communications and EU affairs trainee
22 Oct 2018
ACEM is looking for a highly-motivated Communication & EU Affairs Intern to join a dynamic…
FIM joins the European Training Quality Label to promote better motorcycle training
02 Oct 2018
Today, FIM, the International Motorcycling Federation, joined the European Training Quality Label, an initiative aiming…
Two motorcycle training programs provided by KTM AG receive the European Training Quality Label award
19 Sep 2018
Today, two of KTM’s Riders Academy training programs were awarded the European Training Quality Label.…
Motorcycle registrations in the European Union were up 7.2% during the first half of 2018
16 Aug 2018
Registrations of motorcycles in the EU reached 564,850 units during the first 6 months of…

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