International Motorcycle Manufacturers’ Association

IMMA represents manufacturers of powered two- and three-wheelers and quadricycles at global level.

Connected Motorcycle Consortium

CMC is an organisation bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and associations to make powered two-wheelers part of the future connected mobility.

Mobility for Prosperity in Europe

A Brussels-based association that brings together transport organisations and multinational companies to discuss issues related to transport policy at European level.

European Road Transport Research Advisory Council

ERTRAC is a body dedicated to providing strategic advice on research and innovation to industry and researchers, as well as European and national decision-maker.

European Green Vehicles Initiative

EGVI is a forum that brings together industry and researchers to promote and facilitate pre-competitive research on road transport systems.


The Single Platform for open road testing and pre-deployment of cooperative, connected, automated and autonomous mobility (CCAM) is an EC initiative to support EU countries and the European automotive industry in their transition to connected and automated driving.

European Road Safety Charter

The European Road Safety Charter is a civil society platform on road safety led by the European Commission, in which members share their expertise and actions.

European Motorcycle Training Quality Label

The European Motorcycle Training Quality Label is an open-ended project that aims to help motorcyclists across Europe to identify the best post-licence training programmes in their countries.


sAFE is an EU funded initiative that brings together industry players and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to carry out real tests of CEN technical specifications.


The I_HeEro project is aimed at the preparation of the PSAP in Member States for the deployment of eCall based on 112 as reference implementations.


Within the MUSE project automotive industry, research institutions and the providers of ADAS testing-tools come together to develop a protocol for the evaluation of ADAS systems addressing motorcycles.


PIONEERS aims to reduce the number of powered two-wheeler fatalities and severely injured by increasing the safety, performance, comfort and usage rate of personal protective equipment and the development of new on-board safety devices.


The International Road Traffic and Accident Database (IRTAD) is an OECD open-ended project to collect crash and exposure data from 32 countries on a regular basis. IRTAD includes safety and traffic data, aggregated by country and year from 1970

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