ACEM position paper - Detection of motorcycles by advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
11 Dec 2017
Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are systems developed to automate, adapt or enhance vehicle systems for safety and better driving. However, despite their many benefits, ADAS are not without risks. A possible consequence of broad…
ACEM position paper - On the development of eCall systems for L-category vehicles
11 Dec 2017
eCall devices are tertiary safety systems that can further enhance riders’ safety, beyond the preventive and active primary safety systems that are currently deployed, such as ABS, or that are currently being researched for future…
ACEM-DVR European Training Quality Label
12 Sep 2016
Motorcycle training is a priority for the motorcycle industry. Motorcyclists must be able to make better and informed decisions about their training so that they can ride confidently and safely. This is why ACEM and…
The safe ride to the future - ACEM road safety strategy
09 Sep 2016
This motorcycle safety strategy developed by ACEM follows an integrated approach covering vehicle technology, users training and infrastructure safety. The document provides an overview of the most significant industry-led initiatives in the field of road…

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