MCIA launches its campaign Ride to Work in the UK spotlighting those who #commutehappy
23 May 2016

MCIA launches its campaign Ride to Work in the UK spotlighting those who #commutehappy

MCIA, the Motor Cycle Industry Association of the United Kingdom, will run between 20 May and 26 May its campaign ‘Ride to Work’.

The campaign encourages all motorcycle and scooter riders across the UK to take to the roads and ride to work to promote the benefits of commuting by motorcycle or scooter and to show other commuters just how easy and convenient powered two-wheel travel is.

The main benefits of commuting by powered-two or powered-three wheeler include:

• Reduced travelling times

• Reduced fuel consumption and, therefore, affordable mobility

• Less pressure on parking places and lower congestion levels in urban settings

• Better road skills since riders who drive tend to be better car drivers too.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), a road safety charity, will offer free advanced taster rides for licence holders who want to check out their commute with a local advanced observer.

Events will be held across the UK for the public and for employees at motorcycle friendly businesses. These range from ‘bikers breakfasts’ to VIP parking and free CBTs for non-riding staff.

During the week, riders will be able share their Ride to Work Week photos via the campaign’s Facebook and Twitter pages to show why their mode of transport is so enjoyable.

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