The Motorcycle Industry in Europe

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Policy Areas

arrow-blue   Safety

Safety is one of the top priorities for the Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW) industry, and we dedicate much of our energy and resources to acquiring and analysing data regarding road safety and Powered Two Wheelers in order to identify and prioritize areas for improvements.


arrow-orange   Mobility

Getting to and from work, or even taking a quick trip into town is becoming ever more problematical. Rising traffic levels mean that road users have to spend anything up to several hours a day stuck in long traffic queues.


arrow-green   Environment

Over the last decade PTWs have achieved remarkable progress in reducing their environmental impact. In October 2010 the European Commission adopted a long anticipated proposal on new type-approval of L-category vehicles.


arrow-red   Competitiveness

ACEM's mission is to support a strong, competitive and profitable Powered Two-Wheeler industry in Europe, contributing to the sustainable development and prosperity objectives identified by the European Union.


arrow-pink   EU PTW Regulation

The main text of the Regulation on the "approval and market surveillance of two- or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles"has been published in the Official Journal (2 March 2013) under ref. Regulation (EU) No 168/2013.  


What's New

7 out of 10 Belgians convinced of motorcycling benefits, survey finds

survey febiacA recent study by Multiscope, an independent research firm, has found that more than two thirds of Belgians (69%) are convinced of the benefits of motorcycling. The survey also reveals that enthusiasm for motorcycling is particularly high among two groups (people younger than 34, and between 34 and 54 years old).


Alternative fuels directive - a first step in the right direction but much remains to be done (press release)

Vote parliamentThe European Parliament approved on 15 April the political agreement reached with the Council on the Directive on the Deployment of Alternative fuels. Commenting on the vote ACEM Secretary General Jacques Compagne said "While the compromise reached by the Parliament and the Council is not perfect, it paves the way for more technical predictability, something that L-category vehicle manufacturers require. The next step now is to ensure that appropriate standards are approved by CEN/CENELEC and that the necessary delegated acts are adopted by the Commission". 

The full press release in PDF is available here


French DSCR launches new protective gear campaign

PlusvousetesThe more equipped you wear, the better protected you are” (“Plus vous êtes équipé, plus vous êtes protégé”). Such is the theme of the latest campaign launched by the French Interministerial delegation for road safety and road traffic (DSCR) yesterday. The campaign aims to raise awareness among riders about the importance of wearing adequate personal protective equipment.


Honda announces 4th edition of its "Rider of the Year" competition

Motorista anHonda Motor Europe Spain recently announced the launch of the 4th edition of the Rider of the Year competition. Participants must be aged 18 or over and have a driving license of type A or A2. The drivers who demnstrates the highest degree of riding skill and safety awareness and will receive a NC750X equipped with ABS as a prize.


2013 statistics of the PTW market now available (revised version)

2013-statsThis statistical release for 2013 updates with the provisional data that was presented during the ACEM 10th annual conference on 29 January 2014. It contains data on powered-two-wheelers (PTW) deliveries and registrations, circulating park, production and best sold models in a pannel of countries including all EU members states, EFTA members, Turkey and Macedonia. 

The report reflects data received up to March 2014. A PDF version of the document is accesible here.


January and February statistics now available

PTW-salesA total of 121,478 powered two wheelers (PTWs) were sold between January and February 2014. This represents an increase of 8.6% with respect to the same period for 2013, when 111,879 units were sold. Most of the largest European markets performed well on a year-to-year basis. Sales increased on key markets including Germany (+24.1%), Spain (+8.7%), UK (+4.2%) and France (+1.8%). The Italian market for PTWs, however, contracted by 3%.

The full press release in PDF format is available here.


IMMA to organize conference on road safety on May

IMMA eventAs a side event to the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany (21-23 May 2014), the International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (IMMA) will organise a conference on safer motorcycling. The definitive program of the conference will be available here in the coming weeks. 


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