The Connected Motorcycle Consortium launches the Basic Specification C-ITS for Motorcycles
11 Dec 2020

The Connected Motorcycle Consortium launches the Basic Specification C-ITS for Motorcycles

Today, 11 December 2020, the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) launched the Basic Specification Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) for motorcycles. The Consortium published a set of documents addressing various topics related to the introduction of C-ITS for motorcycles, such as: triggering conditions, localisation accuracy, algorithms and communicated data, as well as rider interface and antenna performance.

This breakthrough result is the outcome of all the efforts made over the years by CMC members, who have been working intensively to achieve this goal.

The CMC has made significant progress in this area through several studies, the development and evaluation of prototype bikes and thanks to meetings and discussions with different major stakeholders.

About CMC and the importance of connectivity for motorcycle safety

The CMC was created in 2016, building on the ACEM Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems. Motorcycle manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and associations joined forces with the objective to make motorcycles part of the future connected mobility.

ACEM, which is a member, contributed to the achievement of one of the main goals of the Consortium: to define common ‘Basic Specifications C-ITS systems for motorcycles’ and have them ready for publication by the end of 2020.

C-ITS allows road vehicles to communicate with each other, with roadside infrastructure and with other road users. C-ITS has a high potential, especially for motorcycles, to prevent accidents.

CMC has been working on around 30 applications, in which connectivity would allow to warn drivers and riders of potentially dangerous situations.

The integration of motorcycles in the C-ITS ecosystem will bring significant safety benefits and will lead to better integration of motorcycles in the transport system.


Claire Depré, Head of Unit Sustainable & Intelligent Transport, DG Mobility and Transport, EC has
congratulated CMC “for the work carried out, for bringing much more innovation and contributing to the safety of the overall transport system.”

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