Final results of the RESOLVE consortium presented in Brussels on 25 April 2018
25 Apr 2018

Final results of the RESOLVE consortium presented in Brussels on 25 April 2018

About 80 participants from all over the world attended the final presentation of the results of the work accomplished by the RESOLVE consortium in Brussels on 25 April 2018.

The event was opened by Antonio Perlot, Secretary General of ACEM, who delivered a presentation on the latest market trends of electric L-category vehicles in Europe and the current legislative framework, and also by Georgios Charampolous, Policy officer at the European Commission.

The attendees had the opportunity to learn about the key results and challenges of the project, the outlook for light electric vehicles in Europe, as well as the work carried out by other projects funded by the European Union including ELVITEN, WEEVIL, SILVERSTREAM and ESPRIT.

Vehicle exhibition

The consortium also exhibited its two vehicle demonstrators – named D1 and D2 – which are fully electric and tilting four wheelers, designed to be a practical alternative to cars in cities facing increasing urban mobility needs.

D1 is an L2e category vehicle, similar to a mid-size scooter. It is powered by two electric motors, each one placed on a single rear wheel, with a top speed of 45 km/h (the legal limit) and a range of 100 kilometres. The batteries can be replaced and they can also be recharged from a conventional power socket. The solar panels on the roof and the regenerative braking system help to improve energy efficiency.

D2 is an L6e category vehicle, visually akin to a small size car but with a driving dynamic of a light motorcycle. It is powered by a central electric motor. Its top speed is 45 km/h (also the legal limit) and it has a range of 80 kilometres. The vehicle is designed to minimise the drag, manufacturing costs and energy consumption as much as possible. The batteries can be recharged from a conventional power socket, while the regenerative braking system helps to improve energy efficiency.

The RESOLVE consortium also exhibited a third vehicle, a three-wheeler demonstrator named D3, which has been derived from an L2 four-wheeler to test alternative drivetrain solutions and to further reduce weight and costs.


The RESOLVE consortium unites 14 European companies including PIAGGIO (leader of the consortium), KTM, BOSCH, MARELLI and other organisations. The consortium's objective is to develop affordable, energy efficient and comfortable electric vehicles that fulfil the needs of daily urban commuters.

The project started in 2015 and drew to a close in April 2018. It received about 6.8 million Euros of funding from the European Union.

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