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Public Hearing on Periodic Technical Inspection
24 Jan 2013

On January 22, the Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament held a public hearing on the roadworthiness package. ACEM was invited to  present the view of the industry. Antonio Perlot, ACEM Public Affairs Manager, presented MEPs with the position of the motorcycle industry regarding roadworthiness testing welcoming the initiative as an effective measure in controlling emissions from motorcycles.

Market - Statistical overview 2012
21 Jan 2013

ACEM published the statistical overview for the full year 2012.

The document contains the yearly summary for registrations and deliveries, circulating park, production, and top 10 models. Download the file.


Periodic technical inspection for Powered Two-Wheelers
11 Dec 2012

The motorcycle industry supports the principle of EU harmonisation, but proposes 4-2-2 intervals for Powered Two-Wheelers (PTW), taking into account average mileage of this vehicle category.

Market update - October 2012 year-to-date: -12.5%
28 Nov 2012

In October 2012 PTW registrations in the countries monitored by ACEM have recorded a -12.5% since the beginning of the year. As announced in our previous report, the decline seems to have stabilized.

ACEM Motorcycle market update: year to date Q3 2012: -12.57%
23 Oct 2012

The decline of PTW registrations in the countries monitored by ACEM, settled at -12.57% during the first three quarters of 2012. The two-digit drop, albeit sizeable, marks a stabilization of the negative trend observed since the beginning of the year.

ACEM Motorcycle market update: 1st semester 2012 -13%
02 Jul 2012

The registration figures of the European motorcycle market continue to raise concern with a 13.3% drop for the first semester 2012.

EU Motorcycle market heads into deeper recession
08 Jun 2012

With a drop of 15% in the January - May 2012 period the European PTW market seems unable to arrest sales decline

First quarter of 2012 disappoints expectations
08 Apr 2012

With a drop of 8,2% the European PTW market continues to raise concerns among manufacturers and dealers.

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