ACEM General Assembly confirms Presidium and welcomes Quadro and TEKNINEN as its two new members
21 Mar 2019

ACEM General Assembly confirms Presidium and welcomes Quadro and TEKNINEN as its two new members

Today the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) held its 29th General Assembly. The event was hosted by Yamaha MBK at its manufacturing facility in Saint-Quentin, France.

The ACEM General Assembly confirmed the current Presidium for a new two-year mandate. President Mr. Stefan Pierer (CEO of KTM AG) and Vice-Presidents Mr. Michele Colaninno (member of Piaggio & C. SpA’s board of directors, CEO and COO of the Immsi Group, which controls the Piaggio Group) and Mr. Markus Schramm (President of BMW Motorrad) will start these new mandates on 1 July 2019.

During the General Assembly, ACEM also welcomed Quadro and Tekninen as new guest members of the European association.

Quadro Vehicles is a Swiss vehicle manufacturer that develops three and four-wheelers used mostly for urban mobility and characterized by a hydro-pneumatic suspension system which grants the vehicles an all-wheel tilting technology. The company, which manufactures both electric and internal combustion engine vehicles, is headquartered in Vacallo, Switzerland, and counts more than 500 retailers in 20 different countries all over the world.

Tekninen, the Association of Finnish Technical Traders, brings together about 380 Finnish companies, with combined annual sales of more than 10 billion Euros, representing about 85% of Finnish businesses. Tekninen’s motorcycle branch, one of the association’s 20 areas of operation, is a forum for companies active in the importing of motorcycles and mopeds, and related services. Tekninen’s motorcycle divisions aims to support the competitiveness of its members and raise industry profile in cooperation with stakeholders.

With the addition of these two members, ACEM's membership will now include a total of 18 manufacturing companies and 17 national industry associations.

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